Open Guitar Tunings

Learn Slide GuitarWhether you are new to the world of open tunings (also referred to as alternate tunings) or a seasoned pro, open guitar tunings can unlock your playing and help push your music in exciting new directions. Stuck in a musical rut? Why not experiment with a new tuning? In many cases, getting out of your comfort zone is just the tonic for a lack of musical creativity and helps you push your music in directions you never would have imagined.

How it Works

Basically, when tuning to an open tuning you are tuning your strings to form an open chord. This means if strumming your guitar without fretting any notes a chord is still produced. This makes it very easy to play chords by simply barring the entire neck and is the reason most popular slide guitarists rely on open tunings. It also makes tonal variations very simple.

The Music

If you think open tunings are reserved for blues and slide players think again. While there are any number of great guitar pieces written in open tunings that do fit this description you should also be aware modern artists such as Soundgarden and Radiohead are producing music in open tunings.

I welcome you to take a look over the site and try an open tuning today.